About Us

We are so grateful to be given an opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of children. The incredible energy that is created by these kids pays us back ten fold.

Don Carlson

Co Founder

Don is an equity partner in an award-winning holding company that owns a handful of investment firms and platforms that service independent financial advisors. He has helped thousands of financial professionals around the country. Don often mentors other successful entrepreneurs. He’s been invited to speak at industry conferences, his work has been read in industry journals, and his ideas have been heard on the radio. Don grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and currently resides in Grand Rapids, MI. He is married to his wife Heather and they have two children, Brendon and Alli.

Galen Duncan, PhD.

Co Founder

Galen is a member of the athletic department for one of Chicago’s top universities. Prior to this role he served on executive and leadership teams for 15 years in the NFL and NBA. Known as the Development Doctor, Galen has touched the lives of thousands around the country helping individuals become significant. He has a unique gift to to get the most out of people and get them to achieve things they didn’t think were possible. Galen grew up in the metro area of Detroit, MI and currently resides in Chicago, IL. He is married to his wife Monica and they have two children, Geordon and Mikayla.

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